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At insulinpumps.ca we’re committed to helping people with diabetes effectively manage their health and lead better lives. That’s why we provide a full range of insulin pump supplies and diabetes management products to retail pharmacies across Canada, along with the knowledge and support they need to help you make the right choices and save your hard-earned dollars.LEARN MORE >
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Being a teenager is hard. Being a teenager with diabetes is even harder. Check out these helpful tips courtesy... http://t.co/fz3xKdsU3c

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Interesting study on eating habits for those with Type 2 diabetes! http://t.co/B63wwwNF2W

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How do you best manage your blood sugar when eating out?
Only visit restaurants with online menus or nutritional information.
Order off the appetizer menu to control portion sizes.
Order a low carb side dish rather than fries.
I do my best but allow myself a cheat meal and I enjoy it.
I choose not to eat out.
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