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Our skills and knowledge are as different as the way we look, but we all have one thing in common.

It’s our passion for serving our pharmacy partners and supporting them to help consumers make the best choices for their insulin pump supplies and diabetes management products. Besides that, we’re all pretty down to earth, work well with each other and like our jobs – really!

Our experience comes from a wide range of industries, roles, educational backgrounds and personal interests. We believe this diversity makes insulinpumps.ca a better company, because it gives us all something unique to contribute.

Paul Beckwith’s ideals were an inspiration to us. A person who battled with diabetes and sadly passed away in 2007, Paul had for many years wanted an insulin pump but faced resistance from healthcare professionals. When he finally obtained one, it helped prevent amputation of his foot. It also became a turning point in his life. He began putting considerable energy toward making life better for people with diabetes. He was a driving force in the lobbying of Ontario’s Bill 55, which introduced public funding for insulin pumps and pump supplies. He also started a support group for people on pump therapy, helping many become their own healthcare advocates. But most importantly, he believed in helping people and giving them choice, knowledge and lower costs with respect to insulin pump therapy and diabetes management. Paul’s spirit and what he stood for live strongly within our organization, and we miss him.