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Many Ontarians find the $200 monthly assistance they receive for pump supplies from the Province's Assistive Device Program (ADP) isn't nearly enough to cover all their needs.

That’s because suggested retail prices are about $200 for a box of 10 infusion sets and $60 for a box of reservoirs. Also, insertion problems, bent cannulas and physical activities can easily boost needs beyond one box per month.

But there’s a solution! It’s the Orbitsoft® Teflon® and Orbitmicro® steel infusion sets.* At a suggested retail price of only $150 per box, they’re the lowest-priced sets in Canada! Both offer a host of features and benefits and are compatible with all insulin pumps (Orbit reservoir required for Paradigm® pumps).

They’ll give you more mileage from your ADP coverage – especially if used in conjunction with an Orbit reservoir, at a suggested retail price of $40 per box. We’re the exclusive Canadian distributor for all three products, available only through pharmacies.

Imagine not paying out of pocket for your pump supplies. If it sounds too good to be true, rest assured it’s not!

A pump can be programmed to deliver nighttime basal rates that better match a person's real need.
Source: Pumping Insulin, Walsh and Roberts.