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Ever since June, 2010, my life has never been the same. That's because I got diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). I have never known what life is like without T1D because I was only 2 and a half when I was diagnosed. I have been in the hospital 3 times. Twice for D.K.A and once for low blood sugars. I was very scared when this happened. I was vomiting lots and the nurses kept taking lots of blood out of my arm.

At school, it's very hard to manage my diabetes. Even though I have a awesome E.A, it's still a struggle to keep my numbers in range. Near Christmas last year, in class, I had a dangerous 'low' dropping to under 1.1. I was still conscious and luckily we didn't have to get out the glucagon. No one could believe I was up and talking, it was scary for everyone.

Even though diabetes has it's down sides to it, you can also experience some incredible things. For instance, in November 2016, I was one of the 25 kids throughout Canada to be chosen to go to an event called “Kids For A Cure.” I got chance to speak with Members of Parliament about diabetes and my journey and story. We advocated on behalf of JDRF for funding and we got it! They gave us $15m.

I may not be a regular kid because I have this disease, but I still enjoy playing sports such as soccer, horse riding, running, and lots more. Diabetes tries to stop me sometimes with crazy blood sugars which can be frustrating, but I won't let it stop me.

It's sad to think about the people who can't afford the medication they need in order to survive. I am very thankful that I have two amazing parents who support me with diabetes.


T1 2010, pumper 2012

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