Your Online Diabetes Community

The diabetes online is an incredibly rich forum of individuals and groups. Here are just a few of the amazing diabetes online resources to help you find support and information when managing your diabetes care.

Children with Diabetes

Children With Diabetes provides support, education, and inspiration to families and people of all ages living with diabetes. As an advocate and global resource, we empower those living with diabetes to enjoy long, enriched lives.

Connected in Motion

Connected in Motion is a community of people with Type 1 diabetes who share a vision: to create a culture of support & engagement in diabetes self-management through peer-based experiential diabetes education, sport, and outdoor adventure. Whether we're running a weekend Slipstream program, a canoe trip, or a day-hike, our goal is to Connect, Inspire, and Motivate other members of the Type 1 community.


For over 40 years, JDRF has been a global leader in the search for an end to type 1 diabetes (T1D), through both research funding and advocacy. During that time, we have always talked about a cure as a singular destination: a return to normal physiology.

But today, we realize that we are engaged in a process of curing T1D – that a cure is not just a destination but also a journey along a path. And we recognize that a part of our mission must be to help those living with T1D today to live healthier, easier, and safer lives until we arrive at the end of that path.

Diabetes Talk

Virtue Bajurny is a registered social worker currently providing counselling and psychotherapy services to children, youth and adults affected by diabetes and other chronic health conditions. In addition to her personal experience of living with diabetes for the past 24 years, Virtue has expertise in treating trauma and eating disorders- with training in narrative therapy, mindfulness and eCBT. Virtue sees clients in her office in Toronto and online.

Waltzing the Dragon

Wondering how to dose insulin for pizza and pasta, even when your son has “just one more slice”? Looking for guidance on how to communicate with your T1D teen? Craving that one place where all your diabetes questions are answered? is Canada’s key online resource for the type 1 diabetes community, addressing both physical and emotional needs by providing current, comprehensive, and evidence-based information on living well with the diabetes dragon, plus practical Tips from the Trenches from parents who live it. Knowledge is the key to dancing with the dragon instead of getting trampled by it. Knowing the available options allows each of us to choose strategies and technologies that best fit our own individual family, at different stages of life and of experience with diabetes (beginner, intermediate, advanced). We hope that helps your family focus less on the dragon and more on life!

Diabetes Hope Foundation

Diabetes Hope Foundation (DHF) is a grassroots not-for-profit organization founded by its current chair, Barbara Pasternak, in 1999 after two of her sons were diagnosed with diabetes. The foundation’s mission is to reward, empower and provide peer education and support for youth in transition to enable them to live successfully WITHIN and BEYOND diabetes. Recognizing the need for supporting transitioning youth who are struggling with the financial and emotional challenges of living with a long-term chronic illness, DHF achieves its mission through the through delivery of community Scholarship, Mentorship, Transition Workshop and Alumni Peer Support programs, otherwise not accessible to these youth. Ongoing support from community partners, corporate sponsors, and families are critical to the success of DHF community programs for youth with diabetes and will help the diabetes community continue to grow, thrive and succeed as the foundation responds to the ever changing needs of youth living with diabetes by providing ongoing programs and support when and where they need it most. The Foundation continues to work with a cross-generation of DHF Alumni and community partners to develop innovative youth-led community initiatives that will support the unique needs of transitioning teens and millennial’s living with diabetes.

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