Medtronic® pumpers, let us show you how​ you can save hundreds of dollars per year on your infusion sets.



See how you can take advantage of the identical and completely interchangeable Tandem® and Medtronic® sites and start saving hundreds of dollars per year.

Compare Mio® to AutoSoft™ 90
Compare Paradigm® Silhouette™ to VariSoft™
Compare Mio®30 to AutoSoft™ 30
Compare Sure-T® to TruSteel™
Compare Paradigm® QuickSet™ to Luer lock QuickSet™

Use this knowledge to create your own “combo pack”. Buy one box of your Medtronic® branded infusion sets plus one box of the Tandem® infusion sets with the identical site connections.

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Download the instructions to create your own Medtronic® infusion set combo pack and start saving today!

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