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I'm a Pumper Who Wants More Choice

See why we love our insulin pumps!

1 infusion set every 3 days!
It's your schedule!
Eat what you want when you want.
Sleep in!
No more clock watching.
Work days or nights!
Any shifts are possible.
Fewer lows.
Peace of mind for you and your family.
Less Math!
It's a math whiz!
Sick day = less worry day!
It's got you covered.
Go explore your world!
Time zones, new food, no problem.
Continuous Glucose Monitor.
Standing on guard 24/7

"Any of us who work in diabetes care feel strongly that insulin pump therapy is the best available treatment for selected people with diabetes who use insulin. It provides better quality of life (compared to injections), along with better blood sugar control with less hypoglycemia. It can be fine-tuned to work for each individual user. I would encourage you to discuss this therapy with your healthcare team to see if it would be right for you. From my personal experience, both as an endocrinologist and as someone with type 1 diabetes, those of you who choose this technology will not be disappointed. More importantly, you will never look back."

- Amish Parikh,

The ABC's of pump therapy


How does a pump work?

An insulin pump is a small computer, smaller than your cell phone, that is programmed in a way to match your body’s insulin needs. An infusion set will deliver insulin from the pump to your body through a thin tube that you insert under your skin. The insulin is delivered 24 hours a day. It can also be given in bolus amounts used to cover meals or to reduce highs.

What are my pump choices?

Knowing all of your choices is important. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive comparison chart of insulin pumps and features.

Pump Choices

Are pumps covered?
What do they cost?

Pumps and supplies are sometimes covered by provincial and private drug plans. If you have private insurance, contact your human resources department to see if you have coverage. Paying cash for a pump will cost you approximately $7200. Manufacturer payment plans are available.

To find out if you are eligible for a provincial pump program and to learn out about additional government benefits, we’ve put together the information for you.