It all started with a boy who didn’t like needles.





One family living with diabetes trying to help other families living with diabetes.

My son Mckenzie was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes On April 9, 2001. It was a whirlwind that unfortunately, many families face. Blood sugar readings, carb counting, insulin injections, it was a sharp learning curve for the whole family. Before Mckenzie’s 1st anniversary with the disease we had moved to an insulin pump. This came with a whole new set of steps and rules to learn, but it was a process that ultimately improved his well-being and was worth the effort.

It wasn’t until I attended a parent support group that I learned of all the other options for my son when it came to different pumps and infusion sets. Needless to say, our rep wasn’t very honest and left us feeling vulnerable. I began to feel cheated from information that could help my son, and realized the rep was more worried about sales than diabetes education.

That’s where the idea for was born.

I created a company to help mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, get all of the diabetes education they need when making what can feel like overwhelming decisions. To provide advice and answers to all of the questions I asked so many years ago. To build a trusting relationship with the community, I made the decision not to sell directly to customers. We provide all of the information to you, and help you find a pharmacy that can take care of all of your diabetes needs. Most pharmacies now have a certified diabetes educator and are open 7 days a week. The best resource any person with diabetes can have is a great relationship with their pharmacist.

In addition to helping people with diabetes, has become the first and only company in Canada to distribute a full range of pump supplies to retail pharmacies, while providing them with unbiased product knowledge and support they need to help consumers make informed decisions. Our staff is full of people that are affected by diabetes every single day. Our ability to relate allows us to answer questions in an educated way you may not find in others areas.

Ultimately we want what is best for you. We want to help you find the best care at the lowest cost, to help you live healthy and as close to stress-free as possible (anyone with diabetes will tell you stress-free does not exist). We recognize that choice, the choices I didn’t know existed when I started this journey with my son, are what will empower you to feel confident in your decisions.