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Knowledge is empowerment.
Your patients trust you to provide them with information on all of their treatment options. With many provinces and third party payers offering coverage for insulin pump therapy it is important that you have the knowledge.
Insulinpumps.ca is pleased to offer, exclusively to our pharmacy partners, the following CE accredited courses at no charge:


Coming Fall 2017 (pre-registration available)

Pharmacy Technicians

Coming Fall 2017 (pre-registration available)

Pharmacy Assistants (non-accredited courses)

Coming Fall 2017 (pre-registration available)

Please complete the Course Registration Form below to register/pre-register for the above courses. We will be in touch promptly to arrange course times and details.

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An insulin pumps offers better quality of life as it increases flexibility in lifestyle, provides predictable and precise insulin delivery, reduces injections and enables users to more effectively control their glucose level.